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Bridge For Impact

Bridge for Impact

Join our online incubation program
for Scaling Impact Enterprises

Program Description

Bridge for Impact is a startup incubation program particularly designed to scale impact startups. The Four months-long campaign will help entrepreneurs solve their respective business problems.

The most interesting part of the program is that one individual mentor will be assigned to each startup to guide the entrepreneurs throughout their road to the MVP (minimum viable product) stage.

The goal is to make the MVP of these impact startups investable by the end of the program and do matchmaking between investors and startups.

Our program is open to all who have a concept of social enterprise to validate. We make social enterprises investable, scalable and sustainable!

Why should I participate?

Structured Training

A well-designed toolbox for startups to structure the whole concept.

Personalized Mentorship

Personal and professional mentorship from entrepreneurs and global change makers through matchmaking to guide you in the right direction.


A validated minimum viable product by the end of the incubation program which is investable, scalable and sustainable.

Impact Management support

Knockout methods to attract more attention and fast-track growth with proper impact measurement.

Global Networking

International programs, a global network of partners that share resources and harness challenges together, thus the opportunity to bring change for social good to the world.

Access to capital

Fund/Grant raise opportunities from local and international investors/ organizations

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Requirements for Startups

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Requirements to be a Mentor

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Calendar of the program

23 June 2022

Apply to participate in the program

June 23, 2022 - July 26, 2022

Entrepreneurs: Tell us more about you and your startup. Mentors: Do you want to participate in this program by contributing your knowledge and experience? Apply at the link before the […]

30 July 2022

Confirmation of selected profiles

8:00 am

We will review the completed applications to select the entrepreneurs and mentors to participate in this edition of the program.

01 August 2022

Participate in the welcome session

4:00 pm

If selected, you will be invited to participate in an information session to welcome you to the incubation experience. These sessions are for entrepreneurs and mentors where we will cover […]

05 August 2022

Incubation Program Start

8:00 am

Start the online incubation experience with mentoring sessions, work tools and structured development. You will have 3 months to complete the incubation cycle and develop your validated business plan.

The best incubation tools

The Bridge for Billions methodology is based on developing a business plan from scratch while the student is surrounded by a supportive community: mentors, fellow entrepreneurs and our incubation team. Our online incubation tools allow entrepreneurs to experiment, research and document their ideas step by step so that at the end of the program they can download their own business plan in PDF.

Are you ready to start?

Frequently Asked Questions

The more time you are able to dedicate, the better the results will be. We have structured the program so that you can complete all activities in 6 to 8 hours per week (including a 1h video call with your mentor), but there are always opportunities for you to go deeper and spend more time at each stage to significantly develop and validate your ideas. If you can’t commit to at least 6 hours per week for 3 months, this is probably not the program for you. You can also split some of the work with others on your team (if any).
You should be able to use a laptop or desktop computer (not a tablet or cell phone) and preferably one of these browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox. We expect you to have a strong and reliable internet connection both for your online work on the platform and to participate in the calls with mentors via videoconference.

Of course they do! Our program is made to collaborate with your entire team. You can easily invite your teammates to join your project and collaborate seamlessly in its development. You can work at the same time as a teammate, but keep in mind, however, that our platform does not allow live collaboration like with google docs – you will only see a teammate’s edits after refreshing the page and you should be careful not to “override” each other’s entries.

We hope our reputation speaks for itself in this matter. We treat your application and program data as confidential information. They are protected by our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, and your mentor will also sign a Mentoring Agreement that includes a confidentiality clause.

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